To Bee or not to Bee

If your on my blog, you know I am a Mead Brewer, and the main ingredient in Mead is Honey, so my dream of having my some honey bee's has been a long term dream for years, and this Valentines Day my Honey (AKA Sarah Jill) gave me my first starter hive in the form of a Honey Hive Deep Starter set. .....

Ice Cream the Old Fashioned Way

When you have fresh cows milk what’s the best thing to make? Ice Cream!!!    

The Hays Clan took a trip over to W8 Farms....

From The Teat To The Bowl

For Fathers Day this year Sarah Jill and the boys got me a ice cream machine. It’s one of those really nice ones with wood grain outsides and was perfect for a father who likes to cook and host. So immediately I put it to the test and made everyone a nice mixture with the vanilla packet it came with. Added a few of my own ingredients to spice it up and the boys loved it. I sent a bowl to my neighbors to show hospitality in my neighborhood and it was a hit.   


Mead Brewing 101, Honey..... I brew mead, we brew mead, were a clan of mead brewers, and the number one ingredient of mead is, yes, you guested it, honey. So as a mead brewer I have always wanted my own bees to facilitate my mead brewing. 

I have talked about it for years, looked it up, built a Pinterest board, etc. just never had the chance to make it reality.

Chickens and Quail oh my

Every one is on quarantine, since I’m not a gamer dad who can play video games with all my boys all day I take my wife’s advice and we do old school things, like building a chicken coop and buying some little chic’s for the boys to spend time with

Yard Camping 101

When you haven’t been camping in a few years you got to make sure the equipment is still good to go. So me and the boys got it all out and set it up in the yard, which at this time is perfect because everyone is bored. 

Some Crazy Chicken Stuff Going On Here

With all of the Corona stuff going on, the Hays Clan of course is getting ready for Worst while we hope for the best. We stocked the pantry’s (this man boys we have two) and freezers, and planted the little boys gardens.. but of course we could use some more vegetables, so we added five rolls of tilled ...