Our Story

The HAYS CLAN finds its roots on the eastern shores of the lovely Isle of Scotland, and in the deep woods of East Texas.

We trace our history back to hedges and Celtic/Norse clans of raiders, traders, farmers and farriers of yesteryear. We bring this history into our everyday life and honor our kin in our ways, our hospitality and how we raise our brood of boys. Life as as Hays is a constant parade of chivalry and tomfoolery, as we live as our folk of the past did, we strive for the best in life and laugh every time we can.

We are a Clan of Love, and you will find us always giving a hand or a shoulder. We are the first to cry when touched by the heart and the first to defend what we feel needs our strength. Our Hearth is always a welcome stone for the ones in need.​

Our CLAN holds HAYS MANOR in Murchison, TEXAS nestled in the Piney Woods of Texas, where the wild boars roam the swaps and the white tails nestle in the thickets. ​

Clyde and Sarah rule their brood of seven boys with the love and warmth that any family of yore would understand, a lot of hollering and laughing, as what do you expect seven boys to do but keep them on their last nerve.



Sarah Jill